Antonio Tanaka
Antonio tanaka
Biographical Information
Full name: Antonio Tanaka
Age: 15-16
Nickname/s: Toni

Antonio Tanaka (田中アントニオ Tanaka Antonio) is a first-year member of the Student Council. He is half-Japanese and half-Brazilian. He has a joyous personality, but he doesn't have good Japanese skills. He is voiced by Mitsuo Iwata


  • In his speech he uses both English and poor Japanese. Often using a mixture of the two.
  • He is in the same class as Hayato.
  • In episode 7 when he is wearing the X-Act Glasses, which make the wearer say what is on their mind, he expresses his wish to dance with Hayato which implys a deeper emotions although they seem to have no real relationship. However nothing else about this is addresses in the entirety of the series.
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