This is a list of the Meganebu episodes. The anime was premiered and aired on October 6, 2013The 12 episode series is produced by Studio Deen and is under the direction of Soubi Yamamoto.

The opening theme is "World's End" by MUCC and the ending theme is "Colorful World" by Tomohisa Sakou.

Episode ListsEdit


No. Title Original air date
01 "We don't use glasses merely as a vision correction tool or a fashion accessory (...) That is our Glasses Club."

"Megane o tada no shiryoku kyōsei aitemu, mata moteaitemu to shitede wanaku ( ... ) Shite iru waga megane-bu"

メガネをただの視力矯正アイテム、またモテアイテムとしてではなく(...) している我がメガネ部

October 6, 2013
The Glasses Club (composed of five boys: Akira, Mitsuki, Takuma, Yukiya and Hayato) are determined to successfully create a pair of X-ray glasses in time for the school's vision test, in order to see the female nurse giving out the test naked.
02 "Any Man Who Wears Glasses Cannot Be a Bad Man / The Current Strongest Frames"

"megane o kakete iru otoko ni warui otoko wa inai / nau saikyō furēmu"


October 13, 2013
Part 1: While cleaning the old club room, Hayato find the Glasses Club's photo albums and remembers when he saw the Glasses Club for the first time at the entrance ceremony. Part 2: After testing out frame strength on glasses after school, Yukiya has some bad luck on his way to Akira's house.
03 "I Hope You Finish the X-ray Glasses"

"sukesuke megane, kansei suru to ii ne"


October 20, 2013
The Glasses Club decide to switch all the clocks in the school with 55 minute clocks so classes can end sooner. When switching the clock in the broadcast room, Hayato finds a door behind the clock with a pair of old Ray-Bans sunglasses hidden there. Later in the club room, Yukiya finishes a new pair of X-Ray glasses; but instead of being able to see through objects, they are able to see the ghost of a student, Koichi Mochizuki, who resided in the sunglasses.
04 "This is What it Means to Wear Real Glasses! / Glasses Reflect the Soul and Who You Truly Are"

"kore ga honmono no megane nanda yo! / megane wa kokoro de ari onore jishin"


October 27, 2013
Part 1: Mitsuki discovers the perfect smile to glasses ratio, remembers first seeing Akira at the entrance ceremony, and tries to prevent Akira from breaking the Glasses Club laws. Part 2: Takuma has trouble taking care of his glasses, causing them to break.
05 "Even if He is, He Wouldn't Tell Some Jerk in Fake Glasses / It's an ultrasonic cleaner for glasses with lenses"

"atte mo datemegane nanka ni iu wake nai / lenzu atte chōonpasenjōki"


November 3, 2013
Part 1: Akira's fear of bugs keeps him from running an errand for Mr. Shirogane and going to the club on time.
Part 2: The club tests their newest X-ray glasses model by powering it with a five person bike. When it fails, they go on a bike ride, and eventually get caught in the rain.
06 "MR" November 10, 2013
Akira conducts an MR (megeane lens) Snap Inspection to test the quality of the club member's lenses. Afterwards, they find a flyer advertising Glasses Celeb, a new type of glasses wipe. The club goes all over town trying to buy some, but it's sold out in every drug store they visit. Little do they know, that this is a scheme by the Himaraya Student Council.
07 "Come, Glasses Wearers! Your Glasses Will Change the World!"

"Kitare! Megane mono! Omae no megane ga sekai o kaeru"


November 17, 2013
The Student Council threatens to disband the Glasses Club if they don't find a fifth member by the end of the day.
08 "As Long As My Glasses Sparkle, You Won't Get Away With It!"

"megane ga pikkapikana uchi wa sō wa ikimasen"


November 24, 2013
The Glasses Club members have some bad luck during lunch time. Mitsuki believes it was all a set up and tries to find the culprit behind it.
09 "A Revolution for Glasses Wearers"

"megane mono-tachi ni totte kakumei"


December 1, 2013
Akira, Takuma, and Yukiya go on a field trip to Okinawa and end up stranded on a deserted island. Meanwhile, Mitsuki really misses Akira.
10 "The Rules Say You're Safe, But Glasses Say You're Out/When I Look at the Glasses Club, It Makes Me Think of Us Back Then"

"rūru-teki ni wa sēfudaga, megane-teki ni wa auto/megane-bu no yatsura o mi teru to, tōji no bokutachi o omoidasu"


December 8, 2013
Part 1: The Glasses Club find a cursed Glasses Sugoroku game, which puts them in a life or death situation.
Part 2: Shirogane reminisces about when he was a Hima High student.
11 "It's Only Natural That Glasses Wearers Love Glasses" December 15, 2013
12 "Glasses Club!"


December 22, 2013
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