Hayato Kimata
Biographical Information
Full name: Hayato Kimata
Birthday: December 12
Age: 16
Favorite style: Oval-square cel frames
Vision: 2.0

Hayato Kimata is a 16-year old student with perfect vision. He is the only member of the club who wears glasses only for show. Because Hayato's eyesight was too good, he was originally refused entry into the club by Akira Souma, but, after asking again and again, he was accepted.

Many times he has been referred as annoying by other members of the club, especially Mitsuki who is usually  jealous of him when he gets Akira's attention. But he is the bright mood-maker for the club and usually gets his way in the end.


  • He likes beef bowl (with broth and heaps of red ginger).
  • He hates ume (pickled plum).
  • He is blood type O.
  • He has a big sister, a big brother and a little brother.
  • In Episode 2 during a self-conducted interview, Hayato mentions his late father who tells him that "Any man who wears glasses cannot be a bad man." He loves his father so much so that he continues wearing the frames (which were a memento from his father) despite not needing them.
  • He says "Ahhh ,Don't Stop , Keep Injecting Me Those Smilies !!! I Love It !!! " when hes alone in the club room as he injects himself with smileys.
  • he like vomit
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