Mitsuki Kamatani
Biographical Information
Full name: Mitsuki Kamatani
Birthday: June 6
Age: 16
Favorite style: Under-rim cel frames
Vision: 0.08 (left), 0.4 (right)

Mitsuki Kamatani (鎌谷 光希 Kamatani Mitsuki) is a 16-year old student who acts like a cute little brother-type character who adores Akira Souma. He entered the eyeglasses club in support of Souma, and, when Mitsuki first entered the school, he had uncool glasses so he bought new glasses with Souma.

Due to his extreme amount of respect for the upperclassmen, there are two sides to his personality; one filled with respect and admiration for his upperclassmen, and in particular Akira, and the other an impatient (sometimes mildly violent) side reserved for Hayato Kimata.

Mitsuki is shown to want to work hard only when Souma requires it of him, and as seen in episode 9, often slacks off when his senpai isn't there to see his hard work pay off. He wants to prove himself to Souma and impress his upperclassmen.

Mitsuki also shares something of a rivalry with Hayato, and has been shown to be jealous of the other when Souma pays attention to Hayato and not him. He also gets frustrated when Hayato tries to 'copy' his way of drawing Souma's attention.


  • Mitsuki has a dog named Norio.
  • Mitsuki's blood type is AB.
  • Mitsuki is known to have 999 pictures of Akira Souma.
  • In Episode 8, when Mitsuki was questioning Hotaka Shirogane, he wears a blue suit, white shirt, red tie and an attorney's badge on his left side. Also he is in an objection pose when he shouts "Objection!". Shirogane is on a witness stand that resembles the one seen in a certain game series. This is a reference to Phoenix Wright from the game series Ace Attorney:Phoenix Wright.
  • When Mitsuki pokes Hayato Kimata's eyes through the fake frames the 'attack' is known as "Eye Crusher".
  • Mitsuki likes avocado.
  • Mitsuki is in love with Akira Souma that he constantly calls him "Senpai".
  • Mitsuki has split personality disorder.

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