Takuma Hachimine
Biographical Information
Full name: Takuma Hachimine
Birthday: July 7
Age: 17
Favorite style: Wellington cel frames
Vision: 0.2 (left), 0.4 (right)
Nickname/s: Amber Rose

Takuma Hachimine (鉢嶺 拓磨 Hachimine Takuma) is a slow-paced, spacey boy who "does not do much of anything" even when he is in the club room. He seems like a "prince" who would be good at studies, but he is actually lacking in sense. Takuma does, however, treasure his friends even more than himself and is very loyal to his friends.


  • He likes cream puffs, seaweed bentō box, and tartar sauce.
  • He dislikes kimchi.
  • His blood type is A.
  • He has 2 older brothers - Satoru Hachimine and Shinji Hachimine. Satoru being the oldest of the three boys.
  • His mother works overseas.
  • The reason for his easy-going attitude is the fact that is two older brothers 'baby' him.
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