Yukiya Minabe
Biographical Information
Full name: Yukiya Minabe
Birthday: November 11
Age: 17
Favorite style: Metal top-rimmed glasses
Vision: 0.01

Yukiya Minabe is a mysterious shy boy who spends most of his time indoors. He is a second-year student at Himaraya Third Technical High School and Akira Souma's childhood friend. He considers eyeglasses to be a landmark innovation in modern Japan and one that ought to be praised!

Yukiya is very wise because he looks up things immediately on his "IPad," but he is somewhat sheltered because he doesn't have a lot of actual experience in many things.

As a child, Yukiya was nicknamed "bad luck charm" by other classmates and was often harassed because of it. And he hates cats because he is allergic. His favoriite color is purple.


  • He hates a okonomiyaki-like fried dish called monjayaki.
  • He is blood type B.
  • Can't start a fire to save his life.
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